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Fast Sharing Service
Last Updated a year ago

Once you are registered and have shared a timesheet with your manager you may use the 'Fast Sharing Service'

Future sharing of timesheet with your manager may be simply done with a single email bypassing the app.

Prepare a new email addressed to ''

(The optional +folder part allows you to place the timesheets in a subfolder, recommended since everything at a root folder is too messy e.g.

As a subject you may enter some tags that will be used to tag the timesheet e.g. 'timesheet for approval'

The body of the email will be ignored

Attach the timesheet(s) that you wish to be approved

Send the email

You will receive a confirmation email that your timesheets have been uploaded and shared with your manager

Once your manager approves the timesheets you will receive emails with the approval links as normal

Using this process for approved timesheets you will not have to visit the app. However if timesheets are rejected that they may only be updated via the app

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